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Title: L'essenza delle buone spiegazioni, una 'Lode al sorgere dipendente' - Essence of Good Explanation
Other Title: Essence of Good Explanation
Drang Nge Lekshe Nyingpo
Teacher: Kensur Ciampa Tegchok 
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Mind training
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 7-Jul-1986
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: en
Other Identifiers: AAU-FTXTCDPBD
Content restrictions: LIBERO
Access Mode: LIBERO
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00533-tape004ab-100786.mp304 - BO-EN53.42 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape005ab-100786.mp305 - BO-EN54.13 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape006ab-110786.mp306 - BO-EN53.13 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape007ab-140786.mp307 - BO-EN54.83 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape008ab-150786.mp308 - BO-EN51.2 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape009ab-170786.mp309 - BO-EN54.49 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape010ab-180786.mp310 - BO-EN53.16 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape011ab-210786.mp311 - BO-EN51.79 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape012ab-220786.mp312 - BO-EN51.25 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape013ab-230786.mp313 - BO-EN52.3 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape014ab-240786.mp314 - BO-EN53.41 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape015ab-250786.mp315 - BO-EN55.13 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape016ab-280786.mp316 - BO-EN53.93 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape017ab-290786.mp317 - BO-EN55.35 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape018ab-290786.mp318 - BO-EN54.62 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape019ab-310786.mp319 - BO-EN55.18 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape020ab-010886.mp320 - BO-EN53.62 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape021ab-040886.mp321 - BO-EN52.05 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape022ab-060886.mp322 - BO-EN52.98 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape023ab-070886.mp323 - BO-EN52.65 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape024ab-080886.mp324 - BO-EN51.13 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape025ab-110886.mp325 - BO-EN48.83 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape026ab-120886.mp326 - BO-EN54.58 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape027ab-130886.mp327- BO-EN55.45 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape028ab-140886.mp328 - BO-EN53.65 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape029ab-150886.mp329 - BO-EN52.88 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape030ab-180886.mp330 - BO-EN53.89 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape031ab-190886.mp331 - BO-EN54.98 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape032ab-200886.mp332 - BO-EN49.98 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape033ab-210886.mp333 - BO-EN53.76 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape034ab-220886.mp334 - BO-EN51.99 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape035ab-250886.mp335 - BO-EN52.55 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape036ab-260886.mp336 - BO-EN49.42 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape037ab-270886.mp337 - BO-EN53.01 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape038ab-000000.mp338 - BO-EN51.8 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape039ab-000000.mp339 - BO-EN54.43 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape040ab-020986.mp340 - BO-EN51.56 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape041ab-030986.mp341 - BO-EN40.39 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape042ab-040986.mp342 - BO-EN53.92 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape043ab-050986.mp343 - BO-EN53.29 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape044ab-080986.mp344 - BO-EN52.73 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape045ab-090986.mp345 - BO-EN53.15 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape046ab-100986.mp346 - BO-EN53.02 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape047ab-110986.mp347 - BO-EN53.98 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape048ab-120986.mp348 - BO-EN52.82 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape049ab-150986.mp349 - BO-EN60.09 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape050ab-160986.mp350 - BO-EN56.32 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape051ab-170986.mp351 - BO-EN59.05 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape052ab-180986.mp352 - BO-EN44.77 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape053ab-190986.mp353 - BO-EN56.2 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape054ab-220986.mp354 - BO-EN56.19 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape055ab-230986.mp355 - BO-EN57 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape056ab-240986.mp356 - BO-EN58.79 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape057ab-250986.mp357 - BO-EN59.23 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape058ab-290787.mp358 - BO-EN59.28 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape059ab-300787.mp359 - BO-EN59.97 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape060ab-310787.mp360 - BO-EN57.28 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape061ab-030887.mp361 - BO-EN58.41 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape062ab-040887.mp362 - BO-EN58.65 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape063ab-050887.mp363 - BO-EN56.4 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape064ab-060887.mp364 - BO-EN56.51 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape065ab-070887.mp365 - BO-EN32.87 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape066ab-100887.mp366 - BO-EN57.91 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape067ab-110887.mp367 - BO-EN59.12 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape068ab-120887.mp368 - BO-EN59.41 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape069ab-130887.mp369 - BO-EN59.26 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape070ab-130887.mp370 - BO-EN59.17 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape071ab-170887.mp371 - BO-EN57.02 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape072ab-180887.mp372 - BO-EN58.04 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape073ab-180887.mp373 - BO-EN59.2 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape074ab-200887.mp374 - BO-EN57.54 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape075ab-200887.mp375 - BO-EN58.1 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape076ab-210887.mp376 - BO-EN57.32 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape077ab-250887.mp377 - BO-EN58.94 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape078ab-260887.mp378 - BO-EN57.65 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape079ab-270887.mp379 - BO-EN58.74 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape080ab-280887.mp380 - BO-EN57.71 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape081ab-310887.mp381 - BO-EN58.52 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape082ab-010987.mp382 - BO-EN57.26 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape083ab-020987.mp383 - BO-EN58.31 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape084ab-030987.mp384 - BO-EN57.85 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape085ab-040987.mp385 - BO-EN57.58 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape086ab-080987.mp386 - BO-EN57.92 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape087ab-090987.mp387 - BO-EN58.93 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape088ab-100987.mp388 - BO-EN58.42 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape089ab-110987.mp389 - BO-EN55.68 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape090ab-140987.mp390 - BO-EN57.44 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape091ab-150987.mp391 - BO-EN56.5 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape092ab-160987.mp392 - BO-EN57.16 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape093ab-170987.mp393 - BO-EN56.65 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape094ab-180987.mp394 - BO-EN54.94 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape095ab-210987.mp395 - BO-EN58.23 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape096ab-210987.mp396 - BO-EN55.64 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape097ab-230987.mp397 - BO-EN56.31 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape098ab-240987.mp398 - BO-EN55.01 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape099ab-250987.mp399 - BO-EN59.05 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape100ab-220888.mp3100 - BO-EN56.04 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape101ab-230888.mp3101 - BO-EN58.78 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape102ab-240888.mp3102 - BO-EN57.77 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape103ab-250888.mp3103 - BO-EN58.75 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape104ab-260888.mp3104 - BO-EN57.48 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape105ab-300888.mp3105 - BO-EN58.6 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape106ab-310888.mp3106 - BO-EN57.36 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape107ab-010988.mp3107 - BO-EN58.85 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape108ab-020988.mp3108 - BO-EN57.27 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape109ab-050988.mp3109 - BO-EN58.31 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape110ab-060988.mp3110 - BO-EN57.04 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape111ab-070988.mp3111 - BO-EN58.68 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape112ab-080988.mp3112 - BO-EN58.01 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape113ab-090988.mp3113 - BO-EN56.22 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape114ab-120988.mp3114 - BO-EN57.27 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape115ab-160988.mp3115 - BO-EN61 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape116ab-190988.mp3116 - BO-EN60.62 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape117ab-200988.mp3117 - BO-EN58.46 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape118ab-210988.mp3118 - BO-EN55.13 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape119ab-220988.mp3119 - BO-EN56.76 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape120ab-230988.mp3120 - BO-EN57.53 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape122ab-270988.mp3121 - BO-EN54.06 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape123ab-280988.mp3122 - BO-EN56.64 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape124ab-290988.mp3123 - BO-EN56.85 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape125ab-300988.mp3124 - BO-EN58.89 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape126ab-200789.mp3125 - BO-EN51.15 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape127ab-210789.mp3126 - BO-EN53.58 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape128ab-210789.mp3127 - BO-EN57.69 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape129ab-250789.mp3128 - BO-EN70.86 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape130ab-250789.mp3129 - BO-EN50 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape131ab-270789.mp3130 - BO-EN46.73 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape132ab-010889.mp3131 - BO-EN52.48 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape133ab-110989.mp3132 - BO-EN50.92 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape134ab-120989.mp3133 - BO-EN50.5 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape135ab-130989.mp3134 - BO-EN56.88 MBMP3 Buy
00533-tape136ab-140989.mp3135 - BO-EN56.18 MBMP3 Buy
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