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Title: Yamantaka : Iniziazione
Other Title: Yamantaka : Initiation
Teacher: Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso 
Keywords: Tantric Initiation
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Practice::tantra::procedures
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 5-Jan-1997
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: it
Related Publication: Sadhana ( breve e lunga) a cura di ILTK e FPMT.
Abstract: To receive / listen to this commentary it is necessary to have the following requirements: having taken refuge in the three Jewels and Yamantaka initiation, having a basic knowledge of the Buddhadharma and committing to practicing the tantric path with an altruistic motivation, and keeping the commitments and responsibilities that this entails (daily six-session Guru Yoga sadhana, bodhisattva vows and tantra vows).
Description: Yamantaka's Maha-anuttara Yoga Tantra possesses five special characteristics: it eliminates obstacles in lazy disciples unable to tame the mind; it contains the fundamental points of both male and female tantra; protects from negative influences; teaches to realize the two main aspects of male and female tantra; it unites in itself the peaceful and wrathful aspects of the energy of manifestation. To be able to practice this tantra correctly it is necessary to have cultivated the mind in the meditations of the graduate path (Lamrim) and in compassion towards sentient beings. “With compassion as the grassroot motivation, the practitioner uses hatred or anger for a specific purpose. This technique is based on the fact that when we get angry, a mind filled with great energy and power is manifested. When trying to lead to performing an action that requires a certain wrathful force (always for beneficial goods), energy and power possess great potential. For this reason, wrathful deities were born by virtue of this use of the energy of hate” (quote from Dalai Lama).
Comment: tape 4ab translated by Siliana Bosa (this tape was among other incomplete tapes, but the translation seems to follow from tape 3b and the writing on the tape is the same etc.)
Other Identifiers: AAU-FTXTCJJXD
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