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Title: La ruota delle armi taglienti / Wheel of Sharp Weapons
Other Title: Wheel of Sharp Weapons
Teacher: Ghesce Jampa Gelek 
Keywords: Mind Training
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Mind training
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2013
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: it
Related Publication: Testi a cura della CLEdizioni e Wisdom Publication
Description: The Prajnaparamita and the 5 texts of Maitreya are the basis of this Logion (mind training). The text was written by Indian yogui Dharmaraksita; later through the great pandit Atisha the lineage passed to Dromtompa, and from him to Kadampa Lamas and then to Gelukpa monks. It is considered one of the main Mahayana texts about mind training, and essential for those that aspire to enter the tantric path. In this course the verses of the root text are explained in detail, placing emphasis on placing emphasis on the most difficult passages and helping us to understand how to use the antidotes to selfishness and greed, to transform the mind and to develop a good-hearted and mindful responsible attitudes.
Other Identifiers: aau-yiqenvdwf
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01359-07-20140209ITam.mp3G - 06_IT18.29 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-01-20130315ENpm.mp3A - 01_EN14.52 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-01-20130315TIpm.mp3A - 01_BO14.52 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-01-20130316TIpm01.mp3A - 04_BO15.83 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-01-20130317TIam01.mp3A - 06_BO14.95 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-02-20130503TIpm.mp3B - 01_BO15.4 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-02-20130504TIam02.mp3B - 03_BO11.42 MBMP3 Buy
01359-02-20130504TIpm01.mp3B - 04_BO13.94 MBMP3 Buy
01359-02-20130504TIpm02.mp3B - 05_BO13.77 MBMP3 Buy
01359-02-20130505TIam01.mp3B - 06_BO14.57 MBMP3 Buy
01359-02-20130505TIam02.mp3B - 07_BO13.75 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130621TIpm.mp3C - 01_BO14.94 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130622TIam01.mp3C - 02_BO14.55 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130622TIam02.mp3C - 03_BO10.93 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130622TIpm01.mp3C - 04_BO14.51 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130622TIpm02.mp3C - 05_BO12.74 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130623TIam01.mp3C - 06_BO15.04 MBMP3 Buy
01359-03-20130623TIam02.mp3C - 07_BO11.74 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130913TIpm.mp3D - 01_BO16.7 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130914TIam01.mp3D - 02_BO14.72 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130914TIam02.mp3D - 03_BO11.51 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130914TIpm01.mp3D - 04_BO15.82 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130914TIpm02.mp3D - 05_BO10.78 MBMP3 Buy
01359-04-20130915TIam01.mp3D - 06_BO15.63 MBMP3 Buy
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01359-05-20131031TIpm.mp3E - 01_BO18 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131101TIpm01.mp3E - 02_BO15.14 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131101TIpm02.mp3E - 03_BO9.83 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131102TIam01.mp3E - 04_BO15.23 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131102TIam02.mp3E - 05_BO11.22 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131102TIpm01.mp3E - 06_BO16.55 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131102TIpm02.mp3E - 07_BO10.27 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131103TIam01.mp3E - 08_BO15.6 MBMP3 Buy
01359-05-20131103TIam02.mp3E - 09_BO12.08 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131129TIpm.mp3F - 01_BO14 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131130TIam1.mp3F - 02_BO15.57 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131130TIam2.mp3F - 03_BO9.77 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131130TIpm1.mp3F - 04_BO15.23 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131130TIpm2.mp3F - 05_BO11.62 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131201TIam1.mp3F - 06_BO5.56 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131201TIam2.mp3F - 07_BO10.31 MBMP3 Buy
01359-06-20131201TIam3.mp3F - 08_BO10.08 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140207TIpm.mp3G - 01_BO15.11 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140208TIam.mp3G - 02_BO14.8 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140208TIam2.mp3G - 03_BO13.1 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140208TIpm.mp3G - 04_BO13.13 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140208TIpm2.mp3G - 05_BO14.53 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140209TIam.mp3G - 06_BO18.29 MBMP3 Buy
01359-07-20140209TIam2.mp3G - 07_BO9.58 MBMP3 Buy
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