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Title: Le trentasette pratiche del Bodhisattva - The Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattva
Other Title: The Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattva
Teacher: Ghesce Lamsang 
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Mind training
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2012
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: it
Description: This text was written by the great master Gyalsey Thokme Sangpo (1245-1369). The bodhisattva is the one who realizes the mind of enlightenment or "bodhicitta", the mind that wishes to reach the state of Buddhahood with the purpose of being able to help all sentient beings to free themselves from suffering. The text describes a method by which the ordinary ways of reacting to apparent difficulties or apparent happiness of daily life are subverted: its application produces a complete regeneration of our being and the profound purification of accumulated negativities.
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