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Title: I tre aspetti principali del Sentiero
Teacher: Ghesce Tenzin Tenphel 
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Gradual path
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2014
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: it
Related Publication: Testo a cura di ILTK e di FPMT
Other Identifiers: AAU-BMMXIZQSQ
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GTT_TreAspetti_20141007pmIT.mp3A_11 - IT9.89 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141005am02IT.mp3A_07 - IT10.17 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004pm02IT.mp3A_05 - IT10.66 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141006pmIT.mp3A_09 - IT12 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141006amIT.mp3A_08 - IT14.89 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141007amIT.mp3A_10 - IT15.06 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004pm01IT.mp3A_04 - IT15.23 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141003pmIT.mp3A_01 - IT15.38 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141008amIT.mp3A_12 - IT15.5 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141005am01IT.mp3A_06 - IT15.85 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004am01IT.mp3A_02 - IT16.61 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141031pmIT.mp3B_01 - IT14.75 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101am01IT.mp3B_02 - IT15.17 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101am02IT.mp3B_03 - IT10.95 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101pm01IT.mp3B_04 - IT16.38 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101pm02IT.mp3B_05 - IT10.76 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141102am01IT.mp3B_06 - IT15.79 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141102am02IT.mp3B_07 - IT10.18 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141103amIT.mp3B_08 - IT14.87 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141103pmIT.mp3B_09 - IT11.65 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141104amIT.mp3B_10 - IT14.34 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141104pmIT.mp3B_11 - IT12.96 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141105amIT.mp3B_12 - IT15.6 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141205pmIT.mp3C_01 - IT14.68 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206am01IT.mp3C_02 - IT14.39 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206am02IT.mp3C_03 - IT12.51 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206pm01IT.mp3C_04 - IT14.3 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206pm02IT.mp3C_05 - IT12.52 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141207am01IT.mp3C_06 - IT14.26 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141207am02IT.mp3C_07 - IT12.36 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141208amIT.mp3C_08 - IT14.34 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141208pmIT.mp3C_09 - IT10.92 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141209amIT.mp3C_10 - IT15.39 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141209pmIT.mp3C_11 - IT10.61 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141210amIT.mp3C_12 - IT13.71 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141003pmTI.mp3A_01 - BO15.38 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004am01TI.mp3A_02 - BO16.61 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004am02TI.mp3A_03 - BO9.74 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004pm01TI.mp3A_04 - BO15.23 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141004pm02TI.mp3A_05 - BO10.66 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141005am01TI.mp3A_06 - BO15.85 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141005am02TI.mp3A_07 - BO10.17 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141006amTI.mp3A_08 - BO14.89 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141006pmTI.mp3A_09 - BO12 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141007amTI.mp3A_10 - BO15.06 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141007pmTI.mp3A_11 - BO9.9 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141008amTI.mp3A_12 - BO15.5 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141031pmTI.mp3B_01 - BO14.75 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101am01TI.mp3B_02 - BO15.17 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101am02TI.mp3B_03 - BO10.95 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101pm01TI.mp3B_04 - BO16.38 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141101pm02TI.mp3B_05 - BO10.76 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141102am01TI.mp3B_06 - BO15.79 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141102am02TI.mp3B_07 - BO10.18 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141103amTI.mp3B_08 - BO14.87 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141103pmTI.mp3B_09 - BO11.65 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141104amTI.mp3B_10- BO14.34 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141104pmTI.mp3B_11 - BO12.96 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141105amTI.mp3B_12 - BO15.6 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141205pmTI.mp3C_01 - BO14.68 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206am01TI.mp3C_02 - BO14.39 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206am02TI.mp3C_03 - BO12.51 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206pm01TI.mp3C_04 - BO14.3 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141206pm02TI.mp3C_05 - BO12.52 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141207am01TI.mp3C_06 - BO14.26 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141207am02TI.mp3C_07 - BO12.36 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141208amTI.mp3C_08 - BO14.34 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141208pmTI.mp3C_09 - BO10.92 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141209amTI.mp3C_10 - BO15.39 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141209pmTI.mp3C_11 - BO10.61 MBMP3 Buy
GTT_TreAspetti_20141210amTI.mp3C_12 - BO13.71 MBMP3 Buy
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