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Title: The Wheel of Sharp Weapons
Other Title: Le ruote delle armi taglienti
Teacher: Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso 
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Mind training
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Description: The Wheel of Sharp Weapons is a Mahayana mental training, composed by Dharmarakshita. He gave this teaching to Atisha. We need to try to subdue or train our own mind. This teaching in mental training is related to the gradual path, specially emphasizing the mind of enlightenment. . Regarding the generation of the mind of enlightenment there are two methods: six causes and one result, or the exchanging of self and others. These mental training practices develop our ability to handle even difficult situations.
Comment: Il commentario è riferito solo ai primi sette versi del testo radice. rivisitare e la nuova impaginazione potrebbe migliorene la qualità.
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