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Title: Calmo dimorare - Shinè - ritiro / Calm Abiding - Shi-ne: Retreat
Other Title: Calm Abiding - Shi-ne: Retreat
Teacher: Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso 
Keywords: Calm Abiding
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Practice::sutra::Commentaries and explanations
Tradition: Gelug
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2003
Principal Language: en
Translation Language: it
Event: Ritiro sciné 
Abstract: This retreat trains the "concentrated calm" (Sanskrit shamatha), one of the basic practices for developing meditation and the six paramitas.
Description: "Calm abiding" meditation (shiné in Tibetan and shamatha in Sanscrit) is explained in the Buddhist canon as one way to obtain buddhahood: to obtain complete liberation from mental afflictions. It can also simply be used as an instrument to improve intelligence and pacify the mind. As ordinary beings, caught up in the complications and rhythms of daily life, it is difficult to guide the mind and keep it stable, in a positive state towards ourselves and others. By continually practicing calm abiding we learn to keep our mind and heart positive, and, at the end, with the unitiy of wisdom eliminate the deleterious stages that hinder our serenity and spiritual evolution.
Comment: I file con la denominazione (en-en) contengono sia la voce di Ghesce-la che parla in inglese sia la voce di R.Jonathan che ripete le parole di Ghesce-la in inglese con una migliore "dizione"
Other Identifiers: AAU-VBPFPHHAI
Content restrictions: VINCOLIEDITORE
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