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Title: Breve esposizione degli stadi del pensiero (Lam-Rim
Other Title: Brief explanation of the stages of thought (Lam-Rim
Teacher: Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso 
Keywords: Graduated Path to Enlightenment
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Gradual path
Tradition: Ghelug
Issue Date: 18-Jul-1981
Principal Language: bo
Translation Language: it
Description: The text examined here is the short Lam Rim, which is the shortest in respect to the three Lam Rim texts by Lama Tzongkhapa. There is a biography of this precious teacher given at the beginning of the teaching.
Comment: -Cassetta N¡3/File 810722: mancano alcune parti all'inizio per problemi di microfono durante la registrazione originale
Other Identifiers: AAU-VKWIVPWQF
Content restrictions: VINCOLIEDITORE
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