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Title: De Lam: Sentiero della beatitudine - Path to Bliss
Other Title: Sentiero della beatitudine
Path to Bliss
Path of Bliss
Easy Path - Stages of the Path to Enlightenment
The Simple Path Leading to the Omniscient State
Teacher: Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso 
Author: Pancen Losang Cioky Ghyeltsen
Keywords: Path to Bliss
Categories: Categories Vocabulary::Study subjects::Gradual path
Lineage: Ensapa
Tradition: Gelug
Principal Language: it
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Description: “The Simple Path Leading to the Omniscient State” (Tib. De Lam) is a text composed by the 4th Panchen Lama, Lobsang Chökyi Gyaltsen, and explains the graduate path to enlightenment (Lamrim) in a complete way: both theoretical and practical aspects. This text guides you to the most advanced techniques for developing happiness and the deepest potential of the mind. - The transcription is available in Italian language only
Comment: Il volume è composto in realtà di quattro diversi volumi, ciascuno dei quali ha un diverso stile editoriale. Necessita una revisione sia terminologica che di stile oltre che una omogeneizzazione degli aspetti editoriali - The volume is based on four different volumes, each of which has a different editorial style. It requires a revision of both terminology and style as well as a homogenization of the editorial aspects.
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