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dc.titleLode alle ventuno Tare: commentario / Praise to the Twenty-One Taras: Commentaryit_IT
dc.title.alternativePraise to the Twenty-One Taras: Commentaryit_IT
dc.relation.publicationLibri e dispense a cura di CLE e FPMT-ITALIAit_IT
dc.contributor.teacherGhesce Ciampa Ghyatsoit_IT
dc.contributor.translatorRaffaello Longoit_IT
dc.subject.keywordsITLode a Tarait_IT
dc.subject.keywordsENPraise to Tarasit_IT
dc.subject.categoriesITVocabolario delle Categorie::pratica::sutra::preghiereit_IT
dc.subject.categoriesITVocabolario delle Categorie::pratica::tantra::commentari e spiegazioniit_IT
dc.subject.categoriesENCategories Vocabulary::Practice::sutra::prayersit_IT
dc.subject.categoriesENCategories Vocabulary::Practice::tantra::commentaries and explanationsit_IT
dc.description.itIn questo corso Ghesce Ciampa Ghyatso spiega in modo dettagliato il testo delle Lodi a Tara e il Mantra per poter praticare quotidianamente Tara verde.it_IT
dc.description.enIn this course Geshe Jampa Gyatso exposes in a detailed way the text of the praises to Tara and the mantra in order to practice Green Tara daily.it_IT
dc.description.transformationdigitalizzazione dei Nastri Audio salvati in formato MP3it_IT
dc.description.transformationDigital recording saved in MP3 file formatit_IT
dc.subject.keywords21 Tareit_IT
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00231-060105am03.mp3.mp39 - EN-IT5.8 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105am04.mp3.mp310 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105am05.mp3.mp311 - EN-IT5.67 MBMP3 Buy
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00231-060105am07.mp3.mp313 - EN-IT5.65 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105am08.mp3.mp314 - EN-IT1.34 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm01.mp3.mp315 - EN-IT5.68 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm02.mp3.mp316 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm03.mp3.mp317 - EN-IT5.7 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm04.mp3.mp318 - EN-IT5.76 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm05.mp3.mp319 - EN-IT5.86 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm06.mp3.mp320 - EN-IT5.65 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm07.mp3.mp321 - EN-IT5.66 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060105pm08.mp3.mp322 - EN-IT4.56 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am01.mp3.mp323 - EN-IT5.65 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am02.mp3.mp324 - EN-IT5.65 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am03.mp3.mp325 - EN-IT5.66 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am04.mp3.mp326 - EN-IT5.7 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am05.mp3.mp327 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am06.mp3.mp328 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am07.mp3.mp329 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106am08.mp3.mp330 - EN-IT3.28 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm01.mp3.mp331 - EN-IT5.68 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm02.mp3.mp332 - EN-IT7.46 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm03.mp3.mp333 - EN-IT5.72 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm04.mp3.mp334 - EN-IT5.67 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm05.mp3.mp335 - EN-IT5.78 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm06.mp3.mp336 - EN-IT5.66 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm07.mp3.mp337 - EN-IT5.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060106pm08.mp3.mp338 - EN-IT2.4 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am01.mp3.mp339 - EN-IT22.69 kBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am02.mp3.mp340 - EN-IT11.28 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am03.mp3.mp341 - EN-IT11.3 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am04.mp3.mp342 - EN-IT11.3 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am05.mp3.mp343 - EN-IT11.29 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am06.mp3.mp344 - EN-IT11.35 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am07.mp3.mp345 - EN-IT11.3 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am08.mp3.mp346 - EN-IT11.98 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107am09.mp3.mp347 - EN-IT7.11 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm01.mp3.mp348 - EN-IT32.08 kBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm02.mp3.mp349 - EN-IT11.42 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm03.mp3.mp350 - EN-IT11.32 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm04.mp3.mp351 - EN-IT11.53 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm05.mp3.mp352 - EN-IT11.3 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm06.mp3.mp353 - EN-IT11.26 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm07.mp3.mp354 - EN-IT11.28 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm08.mp3.mp355 - EN-IT11.28 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060107pm09.mp3.mp356 - EN-IT7.64 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am01.mp3.mp357 - EN-IT1.17 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am02.mp3.mp358 - EN-IT11.29 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am03.mp3.mp359 - EN-IT11.49 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am04.mp3.mp360 - EN-IT11.63 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am05.mp3.mp361 - EN-IT11.89 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am06.mp3.mp362 - EN-IT11.65 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am07.mp3.mp363 - EN-IT11.32 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am08.mp3.mp364 - EN-IT11.36 MBMP3 Buy
00231-060108am09.mp3.mp365 - EN-IT8.31 MBMP3 Buy
00231_scheda.pdfscheda da vecchio DataBase86.71 kBAdobe PDF Buy
Licenza - 1.2.pdfLicenza ILTK - 1.287.12 kBAdobe PDF Buy
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